We only said goodbye with words

When the news about Amy Winehouses death spread, I was very sad. Apart from that, i was shocked. Shocked about the nasty comments, the indelicacy and impiety of some people. Some asked „Why pity the death of another junkie, just because it was a famous one“.

Well, on one hand, because her songs were very dear to me. She was singing with an amount of emotional truthfulness, that I can relate to. When she wrote these songs, she tried to find relief from pain and after she achieved worldwide attention, she had to wallow in that pain over and over again. That is not an easy task. Ian Curtis from Joy Divion said once (analogously), that most people don’t know the cost of constantly revealing the innermost feelings in front of an audience. I do. Amy Winehouse was quite generous by sharing with us, even if it was just for a short while. Drug addiction is not some kind of cool rock’n roll whim that needs to be glorified, but it doesn’t deserve spitefulness and lack of compassion either.

By singing one of her songs I mean to express my utmost respect for her.

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